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Motor Vehicle Services | Demerit Points FAQ

In Alberta, the demerit point system is used to maintain an accurate account of a driver’s demeritable convictions on their driving record. Demerit points are assigned to a client’s driving record in accordance with the Regulations under the Motor Vehicle Administration Act.

If you accumulate 15 or more demerit points within a two year period on your driving record, your license will be suspended for one month. With each subsequent suspension, within a prescribed time period, the time period you lose your license for increases.

Below are some of the common, unsafe actions that result in drivers being assessed demerit points.

Failing to obey instruction of traffic control device2 points
Traffic lane violation2 points
Failure to signal a lane change2 points
Failing to stop as directed by traffic control devices or as otherwise required3 points
Failing to yield right-of-way to a vehicle or pedestrian3 points
Failure to stop for a red light3 points
Driving through or around a railway crossing gate3 points
Failing to stop for a school bus6 points
Speeding at an unreasonable rate4 points
Exceeding the speed limit by up to 15 km/h2 points
Exceeding the speed limit by more than 15 km/h but not more than 30 km/h3 points
Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h6 points
Racing on a highway6 points
Following too close4 points

Driving a vehicle on a roadway without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for persons using the roadway, is considered careless driving. This results in a court appearance, six demerit points against your license and up to a three-month license suspension from the courts.

The risks and consequences increase if you are convicted of dangerous driving. Operating a motor vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public is a criminal code conviction and results in a one year suspension of your driver’s license. Drivers convicted of dangerous driving causing injury or death receive a mandatory five-year license suspension.

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