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Motor Vehicle Services | Passing Your Road Test

Your heart is pounding. Your hands sweating. You can’t remember anything you read, or any of the practicing you’ve done. And now, this is it. You’re about to go on your road test.

The fear that comes with the test is natural, but we can help keep it in check with just a few little tips and tricks that will put you on the right path to getting your first license.

There is parking on every test you do. Parallel as well as uphill/downhill parking. Make sure you review your parking both in the hand book as well as get in some practice before you take the test.

You can have up to three tries to get your parallel parking correct. Best practice is to keep doing it until you can successfully park two out of three times. That’s when you know you’re ready.

School/Playground Zones
They can sneak up on you, and they are an automatic fail if you don’t get them right. Once more make sure you’re reviewing your hand book before going out so that you know what times they are in effect.

School zones should not be followed at times when there is no school. Make sure you’re aware of what time of year you’re taking your test. Slowing down for a school zone when you’re not supposed to is considered the same as speeding through. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to the time of day and year you’re doing your road test during.

Uncontrolled Intersections
It’s so easy to think that your road has the right of way. Speeding through those intersections make the points add up quick, and you’ll soon find yourself with too many points to pass.

Make sure you’re scanning the other roads to see if they have stop or yield signs that give you the right of way. Best practice is to take your foot off the gas, cover the brake with your foot, but don’t stop unless someone else is also approaching the intersection.

Left Turns
A common misconception is that two cars are allowed to pull out into an intersection to wait for a safe chance to turn. Truth is, only one car is allowed.

Make sure you stay behind the stop line until the car in front of you has safely turned. Only then should you move forward. When you do, the wheel should stay straight. Turning, even the slightest, could result in obstruction to oncoming traffic. Especially if the car behind you should hit you.

Automatic Fails
There are couple of things on the road test which can give you an automatic fail, so watch out for them.

Going over the curb – A bump is one thing. Driving over the curb will result in an automatic fail. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough room to get around that corner.

Ignoring right of way – pulling out in front of a pedestrian, or cutting them off when turning is a big no no. Make sure you’re paying attention to everything around you.

Being Mindful
These are just a few of the things that you need to pay attention to while taking your test. Reviewing the handbook is always an excellent idea, and make sure you get out there and practice before you go!

If your nerves are the bother, just remember to breathe. It’s scary and everyone gets nervous, but you need to clear your mind and remind yourself that you prepared for this, and you can do it. Relax and let your practice speak for itself.

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