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Land Registry

To search for the title of a property in Alberta the legal land description, title number or linc number must be known. Searching from the civic address is possible, it is just that it requires a separate search to obtain one of the required fields to search within the Alberta Land System.

Considering the purchase of a new house?

Would it beneficial to know how long the current owner has been there, or what the last transfer value was? value was?

Is there presently a mortgage registered, or other encumbrances?

MoJo’s is qualified to professionally address all your home purchasing questions or concerns.


  • Certificate of Title (Surface and Mineral)
  • Certified Copies of Certificate of Title
  • Historical Searches
  • Document Searches
  • Legal Desctiption Searches
  • Tax Searches throughout Alberta
  • Land Title Searches of MB, BC, and SK.

The above list reflects the most common requests for search services. Additionally, we offer other services such as Historical and Real Land Reports Searches in the other Canadian Provinces and Territories.

Corporate account enquiries are welcome, phone (403)252-3333 or email to mail@mojos.com.

The services we provide and our prices are based on government fees we incur on your behalf.

Prices are subject to change without notice to meet changes to government fees and policies.

Land Registry Forms

Important: Please complete and print the appropriate forms (following the instructions of each form regarding appropriate secondary documentation) and hand deliver to MoJo’s License and Registry as most forms will require onsite validation. 

If you have any question, please call us at (403) 252-3333.

For more corporate forms, visit Service Alberta.