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Motor Vehicle Services

Driver's Licensing

MoJo’s offers Calgary road testing as well as driver’s license renewals, address changes and other operator services.

Overview of the Class 5 Road Test for New Drivers

The road test is about 25 to 30 minutes long, including instructions and feedback. You are required to know and demonstrate:

  • How to identify and operate the vehicle controls
  • How to do right and left turns legally and safely
  • School and/or playground zone times and speed limits
  • How to parallel park
  • How to hill park (up or down)
  • Proper lane changing
  • How to manage controlled and uncontrolled intersections

The road test will run the full time unless the Examiner feels that your safety, or the safety of others, is at risk. For example, if you do not show good judgment of time and distance when turning left in front of oncoming traffic, the test may be stopped.

  • The Examiner will introduce him/herself and provide proof of identification, when requested.
  • All Driver Examiners are licensed by Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation under the Driver Training and Driver Examination Regulation. They are monitored to ensure they provide high quality road tests. They should be courteous and professional, keeping conversation at all times relevant to the road test.
  • You must have your Learner’s licence. If you have a temporary licence (non-photo) then you must also provide acceptable photo ID.
  • Wear clothing that is practical for driving and comfort. It should be appropriate for the weather conditions (in case your vehicle breaks down and you have to wait or walk).
  • Your vehicle must meet all legal requirements (good mechanical condition, valid insurance and registration) and have enough fuel for at least one hour of driving.
  • All braking systems in the vehicle you are taking your road test with must be operational. (pedal brake & emergency break) Failure to comply may result in the forfeiture of all related road testing fees
  • Payment for the test must be made directly to the Examiner or Registry office. A receipt will be provided when requested.
  • For more information about the road test refer to the Basic Licence Driver’s Handbook, pages 19 to 21.

Before Driving … If you have any questions or concerns about the road test, please ask before you begin the road test. A Driver Examination Checklist will be completed by the Examiner. This document will contain the following information:

  • Student name
  • Class of license being tested
  • Operator’s license number
  • Testing location
  • Date of road test
  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Time test commenced and completed
  • Examiner’s signature, and Examiner number

The Examiner will do a vehicle check with you. You will be in the driver’s seat and the examiner will ask you to assist in checking the signal and brake lights, horn, brakes, and steering. You will be asked to describe and demonstrate two of the instruments or controls inside the vehicle, such as the hazard lights and windshield wipers. The Examiner will provide information before you move the vehicle about the route and the instructions that you will be given during the test.

  • You will be given ample instruction in advance for each manoeuvre and activity.
  • Points will be assigned for errors. You will be allowed a maximum of 75 points to pass the road test. You must not do anything that is considered unlawful, dangerous, or unsafe, (for example, speeding or not stopping at a stop sign).
  • The Examiner will not try to trick you.
  • The Examiner will not ask you to do anything illegal.
  • When the road test is finished, the Examiner will highlight the areas you performed well, as well as the areas you need to improve upon. The points for errors will be explained at this time.

The Examiner will give you a copy of the Driver Examination Checklist form. You will also be given a copy of the Test Permit. This will indicate that you have passed. Take this permit, along with your learner’s licence, to any Alberta Registry Agent to have your licence changed to a Class 5 Probationary Licence. There will be a fee for this service.

The Examiner will give you a copy of the Driver Examination Checklist form. This form will indicate that you have not passed. Keep the form and bring it to your next road test. You may not take another road test on the same day.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your test and results, please ask your Examiner at the end of the road test.

Driver Handbooks

Vehicle Licensing

We provide Annual Renewals, Transfers, Intransit Permits, Personalized Plates, Cancellations of Registration, Out of Province Inspection Forms, Disabled Persons Placards and Vehicle Information Reports.


Registration of Personal Motor Vehicles
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV’s
  • Trailers
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Antiques
Registration of Commercial
  • Dealer
  • Farm
  • Rental
  • Commercial Transport
  • Prorate
  • Fleet

Custom Plates

Personalized plates for business or personal use starting at $214

Demographics and Vehicle Searches

These searches and the information contained therein is restricted to those authorized to obtain the information under the provisions of the “Access to Motor Vehicles Information Regulation” under the Traffic Safety Act.

For more information on the availability of these services, please contact Alberta Registry Services directly or our office.

Service Pricing

Corporate account enquiries are welcome, phone (403)252-3333 or email to mail@mojos.com.

The services we provide and our prices are based on government fees we incur on your behalf.

Prices are subject to change without notice to meet changes to government fees and policies.

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