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Motor Vehicle Services | Driver’s License 101

Basic Qualifications When you apply for your operator’s license or identification card, MoJo’s must verify your identity through a strict identity confirmation process. Anyone under 18 years of age that is not married or self-supporting must provide consent from a parent or guardian. A parent or guardian must provide consent for a first time license […]

Motor Vehicle Services | Advance Your Driving!

Road tests. Everyone hates them. After all, you are literally driving around with a stranger in the passenger seat passive aggressively judging every decision you make and nearly causing you to drive off the road every time they make another mark on the paper that will decide whether or not you’re going to drive. They […]

Motor Vehicle Services | Passing Your Road Test

Your heart is pounding. Your hands sweating. You can’t remember anything you read, or any of the practicing you’ve done. And now, this is it. You’re about to go on your road test. The fear that comes with the test is natural, but we can help keep it in check with just a few little […]

Motor Vehicle Services | Demerit Points FAQ

In Alberta, the demerit point system is used to maintain an accurate account of a driver’s demeritable convictions on their driving record. Demerit points are assigned to a client’s driving record in accordance with the Regulations under the Motor Vehicle Administration Act. If you accumulate 15 or more demerit points within a two year period […]

Motor Vehicle Services | What Is A Vehicle Information Report?

The Vehicle Information Report is an important information source when buying or selling a previously owned vehicle. Sellers can present the report as part of a vehicle sales package. As a buyer, the Vehicle Information Report will help you to make an informed decision. The report is not intended to replace a mechanical inspection. Request […]